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 MyStiC_riV3r vs Mr_Paladin (0-1)

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MyStiC_riV3r vs Mr_Paladin (0-1) Empty
PostSubject: MyStiC_riV3r vs Mr_Paladin (0-1)   MyStiC_riV3r vs Mr_Paladin (0-1) EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 11:22 am

That was good match between me and Mr_Paladin. Later I recognize my mistakes. My starting was pretty good. And Push was good too. But then at around last fight in his TC i made a blunder. Put all my Pals in stand ground position. I knew that only after I watched the rec game. You can notice that too. Due that mistake I lost the game. I would like any suggestions and tips to increase my game level. Here is the link

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MyStiC_riV3r vs Mr_Paladin (0-1)
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